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Research Capabilities

Materials Development

The Radiological Materials and Development Group is involved in a number of applied research projects making and analyzing materials for specific application. These applications have included:

  • Radiation detection: amorphous semiconductor radiation detector material development, glass scintillator development
  • Radiation detector

  • Optical materials: Laser-written infrared photonic grating made in thermally evaporated As2S3 thin films.
  • Laser waveguide

  • Photovoltaics: Cu-In-Ga-Se (CIGS) material development
  • Photo Voltaic and Staff
  • Gas Capture: aerogels for capture of halides, CO2
  • Chalcogel Aerogel

  • Corrosion protection: coatings for refractory projection; coatings for wear resistance
  • Radiation shielding: polymers and glasses
  • Target materials: Li-Al ceramics
  • Li-Al Pellet
  • Catalysis: high temperature catalysis for steam methane reformation
  • Catalysis
  • Hydrogen Materials

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