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Research Capabilities

Materials Synthesis

The Radiological Materials and Technology Development group has accumulated experience in synthesis of a large variety of glass, ceramic, and metallic materials. Our core expertise lies in the materials we produce in the oxide Glass Development Laboratory (GDL) and the Non-Oxide Material Synthesis Laboratory (NOMSL). Additionally, we work closely with other groups who steward specific capabilities, such as different specialized thin film deposition methods, for example. Our scientists have been involved with a large number of projects involving specialized materials including recent work in:

Bulk glasses and slags:

Oxides: studies of many systems for nuclear waste immobilization and other applications

  • Silicates (including coal slags from gasification process; lunar regolith simulants)
  • Borosilicates
  • Alumino-borosilicates
  • Alumino-boro-lanthanides
  • Phosphates
  • Tellurite
  • Heavy metal oxide


  • Extensive studies on optical properties and structure of As-S and related systems
  • Glass forming regions in the Cd-Ge-As chalcopyrite system
  • Chalco-halides for ioidine

Bulk ceramics and powders:


  • Orthosilicates for CO2 capture
  • Goethite for Tc capture
  • Lithium-Aluminates
  • Study of chromia refractory and coal slag interaction


  • Magnetic sulfide spinels for novel functionalities
  • Chalcopyrites in the Cd-Ge-As system for radiation detection
  • Characterization of Cd-Zn-Te materials for radiation detectors

Bulk glass-ceramics and complex ceramic assemblages:

  • Glass-ceramics by sol-gel for waste forms high in halides or Mo
  • Cementitous chemically bound ceramics systems for waste forms


  • Fundamental magneto-transport studies on magnetically doped ZnO
  • Refractory protection using impregnated sol-gel materials
  • Carbides: design and characterization of multilayer tribological coatings
  • Chalcogenides: characterization of As2S3, As2Se3 multilayer waveguides


  • Oxides: functionalized silica aerogels for iodine or CO2 capture and other applications
  • Chalcogenides:chalcogels in the Ge-Pt-S system for radioactive iodine capture


  • Five metal epsilon phase for Tc sequestration
  • Cermet metals: ceramic-metal composites

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