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Near Tank Treatment System

PNNL staff worked with Parsons Corporation to successfully demonstrate the Near Tank Treatment System for cesium removal from Hanford Site tank waste prior to its transfer to the Hanford Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP). The successful pilot demonstration is a culmination of approximately 6 years of work in developing this technology. This demonstration dramatically improved leaching performance relative to the WTP baseline. Where the WTP will likely leach 20—30% of the boehmite present in the tank waste, the Near Tank Treatment System demonstrated 90% dissolution of boehmite. The Near Tank Treatment System also processed 400 bed volumes through the ion exchange columns without reaching 1% breakthrough of cesium.

Near Tank Treatment System

Near Tank Treatment System
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In addition, Washington River Protection Solutions and DOE Office of River Protection are evaluating the potential of using an at-tank filtration and ion exchange system as part of the enhanced tank waste strategy. The Near Tank Treatment System embodies a pilot demonstration of this technology. A recent review by the DOE Environmental Management Advisory Board recommended that cross flow filtration with elutable ion exchange (the basis for Near Tank Treatment System) be adopted for the earthquake and tsunami warning system.

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