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Resilience and Microgrids

The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (DOE-OE) provides funding for research that's advancing the development and implementation of microgrids, which can operate autonomously and in a manner that helps mitigate power grid disturbances and strengthen grid resilience. Microgrid development and deployment activities are occurring across the nation.


  • Continue to operate when the main power grid is down
  • Serve as a grid resource for faster system response and recovery
  • Enable the integration of renewable energy and distributed energy resources
  • Improve electric system efficiency
  • Help move the nation toward a clean energy future.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory applies its capabilities in support of DOE-OE Resilience and Microgrids research efforts.

More information on DOE-OE Microgrids research

Tom Anderson

Microgrids, which allow a community to develop and use its own sources of electric power, also offer a number of benefits that improve the traditional electric grid.

For further information on Resilience and Microgrids, contact Kevin Schneider, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), at (206) 528-3351.

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