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Building Energy and Water Evaluations

Helping federal agencies analyze and reduce the amount of water and energy they use

Federal agencies are required to meet certain goals that reduce their water and energy use in buildings. We conduct evaluations to help them get there.

Each site is different so our approach is flexible and tailored to meet these differing needs.

Our comprehensive energy and water evaluations (CEWEs) provide a robust basis for project planning. This involves on-site assessments and leverages building modeling capabilities and tools, such as our Facility Energy Decision System (FEDS) software. Our CEWEs help agencies to identify lifecycle cost-effective capital improvement and low-cost and prioritize options.

Our water-balance studies can provide an improved understanding of baseline water performance. We help agencies use this information to prioritize projects to achieve water-reduction goals and mission requirements.

When rigorous analyses are not required, we provide guidance on remote evaluation methods to check for efficient operations without the cost and of an on-site audit.

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