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Energy and Environment Directorate

Research Capabilities

Hydrologic Science, Aquifer Properties, Methods and Techniques

PNNL scientists and engineers design and conduct tests for determining the properties of the saturated zone such as groundwater flow rate, porosity, permeability, transmissivity, storativity, and well performance/efficiency parameters.  We develop software and analytical tools for interpreting data from both standard and innovative tests.  Our capabilities include:

  • Regional aquifer management
  • Local aquifer analysis
  • Aquifer testing
  • Pumping systems
    • Slug tests
    • Step tests
    • Constant rate tests
    • Pneumatic pulse tests

Photo of slug test equipment at well head
Slug testing equipment configured at a well head

Photo of equipment set up for borehole flowmeter testing
Equipment configuration for borehole flowmeter testing

Energy and Environment

Core Research Areas