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GENII Version 2.10: An Essential Decision-Making Tool in Worldwide Radiation Protection

Regulatory decision-makers worldwide rely on a variety of conceptual and computational models to inform decisions on protecting human health and safeguarding the environment. The GENII Version 2.10 Environmental Dosimetry System, developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), provides regulators and industry with a tool for ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

GENII Version 2.10 is a set of computer programs that can be used to estimate radionuclide concentrations in the environment and dose/risk to humans and biota from:

  • Acute or chronic exposures
  • Releases to surface water or atmosphere
  • Initial contamination conditions.

Available Models in GENII Version 2.10 include:
  • Atmospheric transport
  • Surface water transport
  • Waste/soil redistribution
  • Terrestrial uptake
  • Human Exposure
  • Dose/Risk
  • Uncertainty/Sensitivity.
GENII Version 2.10 Brochure

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