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Andrea Copping

Andrea Copping

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Dr. Andrea E. Copping joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Marine Sciences Laboratory in Sequim in 2006, as the Senior Program Manager for marine and coastal waters. Andrea is the research lead for marine and hydrokinetic energy development, and for offshore wind development, for Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, on behalf of the US Department of Energy. Dr. Copping’s projects focus on environmental impacts from the development of wave, tidal, offshore wind, ocean current and riverine energy installations, and the role that these effects could play in technology development and project initiation across the nation. Using risk-based approaches, the marine and hydrokinetic and offshore wind team lead by Dr. Copping integrates laboratory, field and modeling measurements into a coherent body of evidence to support siting and permitting decisions. Dr. Copping works across several scientific disciplines to determine implications of human stressors on marine resources and ecosystems processes, working with stakeholder groups and resource managers to ensure that the available scientific information is accessible and available.

Andrea holds a BSc. in marine biology from McGill University, and a M.S. and PhD. in biological oceanography from the University of Washington. Although trained as a blue water oceanographer, Andrea has spent most of her professional career on interactions between human activities and the marine environment in coastal and estuarine areas. Andrea joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2006. Previously Andrea was Associate Director of the Washington Sea Grant, University of Washington, responsible for research and outreach on a wide range of marine topics. Dr. Copping is an affiliate faculty member in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, University of Washington, and Associate Editor for the Coastal Management Journal.

Research Interests

  • Effects of human activities on the marine environment

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D, Biological Oceanography, University of Washington

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • Affiliate Faculty, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, University of Washington
  • Associate Editor of Coastal Management Journal

PNNL Publications


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