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Pam Cole

Pam Cole

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352
(509) 375-6787


Pam Cole serves as a Building Energy Efficiency Scientist at PNNL. For the past fifteen years she's worked with residential and commercial building energy codes regarding adoption and compliance. Cole primarily works under the Department of Energy's Building Energy Codes Program (BECP), overseeing compliance and technical assistance for national model and state-specific energy codes.

Cole also supports the DOE's Building America program under the Codes and Standards Innovation (CSI) project, where she helps identify and remove barriers for bringing building science innovations to market. She also oversees the development of the Code Compliance Briefs in the Building America Solution Center, providing information on code-related research, best practices, and new innovations.

Currently, Cole is assisting efforts on the development of a compliance guide regarding energy storage systems for residential and commercial construction.

Research Interests

  • Building Energy Codes Technical Advisor on National Energy Codes
  • Building Energy Codes Trainer
  • Training presentation development
  • Large database management
  • Residential Building Compliance and Performance

Education and Credentials

  • A.A., Applied Science, Columbia Basin College

PNNL Publications



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