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Joseph Ford

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352
(509) 371-6400

PNNL Publications


  • Hu J.Z., J.A. Sears, H.S. Mehta, J.J. Ford, J. Kwak, K. Zhu, and Y. Wang, et al. 2012. "A Large Sample Volume Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Probe for In-Situ Investigations with Constant Flow of Reactants." Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. PCCP 14, no. 7:2137-2143. PNNL-SA-82533. doi:10.1039/c1cp22692d


  • Vugmeyster L., D. Ostrovsky, J.J. Ford, and A.S. Lipton. 2010. "Freezing of Dynamics of a Methyl Group in a Protein Hydrophobic Core at Cryogenic Temperatures by Deuteron NMR Spectroscopy." Journal of the American Chemical Society 132, no. 12:4038-4039. PNNL-SA-69606. doi:10.1021/ja909599k
  • Vugmeyster L., D. Ostrovsky, M. Moses, J.J. Ford, A.S. Lipton, G. Hoatson, and R.L. Vold. 2010. "Comparative Dynamics of Leucine Methyl Groups in FMOC-Leucine and in a Protein Hydrophobic Core Probed by Solid-State Deuteron Nuclear Magnetic Resonance over 7-324 K Temperature Range." Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114, no. 48:15799-15807. PNNL-SA-74768.


  • Baer D.R., M.H. Engelhard, A.R. Felmy, J.J. Ford, J.Z. Hu, A.S. Lea, and P. Nachimuthu, et al. 2009. "New Approaches for Characterizing Sensor and Other Modern Complex Materials." ECS Transactions 19, no. 6:137-148. PNNL-SA-65017. doi:10.1149/1.3118546
  • Vugmeyster L., D. Ostrovsky, J.J. Ford, S.D. Burton, A.S. Lipton, G. Hoatson, and R.L. Vold. 2009. "Probing the Dynamics of a Protein Hydrophobic Core by Deutron Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy." Journal of the American Chemical Society 131, no. 38:13651-13658. PNNL-SA-66195. doi:10.1021/ja902977u


  • Bouchard L.S., A.O. Sushkov, D. Budker, J. Ford, and A.S. Lipton. 2008. "Nuclear-spin relaxation of 2°7Pb in ferroelectric powders." Physical Review. A. 77, no. 2:Art. No. 022102. PNNL-SA-58084. doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.77.022102


  • Dhamne A., W. Xu, B.G. Fookes, Y. Fan, L. Zhang, S.D. Burton, and J. Hu, et al. 2005. "Polymer-Ceramic Conversion of Liquid Polyaluminasilazanes for SiAlCN Ceramics." Journal of the American Ceramic Society 88, no. 9:2415-2419. PNNL-SA-44828.


  • Kreishman-Detrick M., C. Egile, D.W. Hoyt, J.J. Ford, R. Li, and M.K. Rosen. 2003. "NMR analysis of methyl groups at 100-500 kDa: model systems and Arp2/3 complex." Biochemistry 42, no. 28:8579-8586. PNNL-SA-39415.


  • Iwahara J., M. Iwahara, G.W. Daughdrill, J.J. Ford, and R.T. Clubb. 2002. "The Structure of the Dead ringer-DNA complex reveals how AT-rich interaction domains (ARIDs) recognize DNA." EMBO Journal 21, no. 5:1197-1209. PNNL-SA-36328.

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