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Feng Pan

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PNNL Publications


  • Elizondo MA, NA Samaan, YV Makarov, JT Holzer, MR Vallem, R Huang, BGNVSR Vyakaranam, X Ke, and F Pan. 2017. "Literature Survey on Operational Voltage Control and Reactive Power Management on Transmission and Sub-Transmission Networks." In IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, July 16-20, 2017, Chicago, Illinois, pp. 1 - 5.  IEEE, PISCATAWAY, NJ.  doi:10.1109/PESGM.2017.8274068


  • Yan P, J Zheng, J Zheng, Z Wang, G Teng, S Kuppan, J Xiao, G Chen, J Zhang, CM Wang, and F Pan. 2016. "Ni And Co Segregations On Selective Surface Facets And Rational Design Of Layered Lithium Transition-metal Oxide Cathodes." Advanced Energy Materials 6(9):Article No. 1502455.  doi:10.1002/aenm.201502455


  • Wei Y, J Zheng, S Cui, X Song, Y Su, W Deng, Z Wu, X Wang, W Wang, M Rao, Y Lin, CM Wang, K Amine, and F Pan. 2015. "Kinetics Tuning of Li-Ion Diffusion in Layered Li(NixMnyCoz)O2." Journal of the American Chemical Society 137(26):8364-8367.  doi:10.1021/jacs.5b04040
  • Yan P, J Zheng, D Lv, Y Wei, J Zheng, Z Wang, S Kuppan, J Yu, L Luo, DJ Edwards, MJ Olszta, K Amine, J Liu, J Xiao, F Pan, G Chen, J Zhang, and CM Wang. 2015. "Atomic-Resolution Visualization of Distinctive Chemical Mixing Behavior of Ni, Co and Mn with Li in Layered Lithium Transition-Metal Oxide Cathode Materials." Chemistry of Materials 27(15):5393-5401.  doi:10.1021/acs.chemmater.5b02016

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