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Sarah Safranek

Sarah Safranek

(503) 227-2467


Sarah joined PNNL as a Lighting Research Associate in September of 2017. Prior to joining PNNL, Sarah contributed to research at the University of Colorado for the Architectural Engineering's Building Systems program with an emphasis on lighting. Her previous work experience involved the design of energy efficient lighting and daylighting systems. Sarah's work is currently is focused on conducting research on a range of technology and application topics surrounding advanced Solid State Lighting systems and technologies.

Research Interests

  • Lighting energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Daylighting Simulation and Analysis
  • Sustainable Building Design

Education and Credentials

  • M.S., Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado
  • B.S., Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado

PNNL Publications


  • Rockcastle S., A. Mahic, and S.F. Safranek. 2023. "The Impact of Operated Window Shading on Visual Comfort, Non-Visual Health, and Energy Demand from Electric Lighting." In Building Simulation Conference Proceedings: 18th IBPSA Conference on Building Simulation (BS 2023), September 4-6, 2023, Shanghai, China, 0031-0038. Rapid City, South Dakota:International Building Performance Simulation Association. PNNL-SA-184421. doi:10.26868/25222708.2023.1152
  • Wilkerson A., S.F. Safranek, L.C. Irvin, and L. Tredinnick. 2023. "Lighting System Control Data to Improve Design and Operation: Tunable lighting system data from NICU patient rooms." LEUKOS - The Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America 19, no. 1:94-109. PNNL-SA-167201. doi:10.1080/15502724.2022.2059669


  • Abboushi B.K., and S.F. Safranek. 2022. "Determining critical points to control electric lighting to meet circadian lighting requirements and minimize energy use." In Annual Modeling and Simulation Conference (ANNSIM 2022), July 18-20, 2022, San Diego, CA, 559-568. Piscataway, New Jersey:IEEE. PNNL-SA-171313. doi:10.23919/ANNSIM55834.2022.9859378
  • Abboushi B.K., S.F. Safranek, E. Rodriguez-Feo Bermudez, S.C. Pratoomratana, Y. Chen, M.E. Poplawski, and R.G. Davis. 2022. "A Review of the Use of Wearables in Indoor Environmental Quality Studies and an Evaluation of Data Accessibility from a Wearable Device." Frontiers in Built Environment 8. PNNL-SA-167029. doi:10.3389/fbuil.2022.787289


  • Abboushi B.K., S.F. Safranek, and R.G. Davis. 2021. "The Effect of Spectral Resolution of Light Sources on Photopic and a-opic Quantities." In SPIE OPTO: Light-Emitting Devices, Materials, and Applications XXV, March 6-12, 2021, Online Only. Proceedings of the SPIE, edited by J.K. Kim, M.R. Krames and M. Strassburg, 11706, Paper No. 117061L. Bellingham, Washington:SPIE. PNNL-SA-160068. doi:10.1117/12.2577934
  • Mccunn L.J., S.F. Safranek, A. Wilkerson, and R.G. Davis. 2021. "Lighting Control in Patient Rooms: Understanding Nurses' Perceptions of Hospital Lighting Using Qualitative Methods." Health Environments Research and Design 14, no. 2:204-218. PNNL-SA-152350. doi:10.1177/1937586720946669
  • Safranek S.F., A. Wilkerson, L.C. Irvin, and C. Casey. 2021. "Using advanced lighting systems to understand opportunities for energy optimization: control data from a hospital NICU." Energy and Buildings 251. PNNL-SA-161114. doi:10.1016/j.enbuild.2021.111357


  • Davis R.G., L.J. McCunn, A. Wilkerson, and S.F. Safranek. 2020. "Nurses' Satisfaction with Patient Room Lighting Conditions: A Study of Nurses in Four Hospitals with Differences in the Environment of Care." Health Environments Research and Design 13, no. 3:110-124. PNNL-SA-145366. doi:10.1177/1937586719890940
  • Royer M.P., M. Wei, A. Wilkerson, and S.F. Safranek. 2020. "Experimental validation of color rendition specification criteria based on ANSI/IES TM-30-18." Lighting Research & Technology 52, no. 3:323-349. PNNL-SA-142381. doi:10.1177/1477153519857625
  • Safranek S.F., J.M. Collier, A. Wilkerson, and R.G. Davis. 2020. "Energy impact of human health and wellness lighting recommendations for office and classroom applications." Energy and Buildings 226. PNNL-SA-151604. doi:10.1016/j.enbuild.2020.110365


  • Davis R.G., and S.F. Safranek. 2019. "Lessons in the classroom." LD+A Magazine 49, no. 5. PNNL-SA-141890.

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