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Eduardo Rodriguez-Feo Bermudez

Eduardo Rodriguez-Feo Bermudez

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Portland Office
Portland, OR 97204
(971) 940-7110


Eduardo Rodriguez-feo Bermudez received his Master of Science in Applied Physics. As a member of the Michigan Tech Cloud Chamber group, he was able to perform optics-based experiments for different types of cloud properties and atmospheric conditions. Additionally, through the Naval Research Internship Program Eduardo was able to intern at the Naval Observatory (D.C.) where he helped in the planning of an Arctic science mission (currently in progress) dedicated to better understanding the corrected times of sunrise and sunsets at high latitudes where cold mirages are frequent, with the goal of improving published US Navy python algorithms.

In late 2019, Eduardo joined PNNL's Portland office in order to work on Solid State Lighting research. This includes contributing on the assembly of the Obscuration Apparatus and helping each of the individual components communicate with each other, through a Python based GUI.


Research Interests

  • Energy Efficiency/Conservation
  • Solid Sate Lighting
  • Lighting Metrology
  • Outdoors Lighting

Education and Credentials

  • Bachelors of Science in Physics, University of South Florida, 2017
  • Masters of Science in Applied Physics, Michigan Technological University, 2019

Awards and Recognitions

  • Michigan Space Grant Consortium recipient, 2019-2020

PNNL Publications


  • Abboushi B.K., S.F. Safranek, E. Rodriguez-Feo Bermudez, S.C. Pratoomratana, Y. Chen, M.E. Poplawski, and R.G. Davis. 2022. "A Review of the Use of Wearables in Indoor Environmental Quality Studies and an Evaluation of Data Accessibility from a Wearable Device." Frontiers in Built Environment 8. PNNL-SA-167029. doi:10.3389/fbuil.2022.787289

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