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Mert Efe

Mert Efe

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352
(509) 371-6483


Mert Efe is a scientist in the Energy and Environment Directorate at PNNL. He is working on the development of advanced materials and processes for energy efficient transportation and manufacturing applications. His research interests include plasticity, damage, ductile fracture, and deformation processing of lightweight alloys, refractory metals, and advanced steels. In-situ mechanical tests and advanced characterization methods complement his research in understanding the mechanical behavior of these materials. In addition to the structural performance of materials, he is also interested in irradiation behavior and resistance of metals and alloys, especially tungsten, on which he has a long-time collaboration with his colleagues at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Past and current projects that he has participated or led include: stamping of high strength Al alloys, formability characterization of Al alloys and advanced steels, improving local formability of Al alloys through thermo-mechanical processing, development of metal matrix composite components for electric vehicles, and efficient production of sheets and foils of difficult-to-work materials such as magnesium, titanium and tungsten. Before joining PNNL in 2020, he was an Associate Professor at Middle East Technical University (METU) where he led an independent research group.

Research Interests

  • Plasticity, Damage, Ductile Fracture and Deformation Processing of Lightweight Alloys: Al, Mg, Ti; Refractory Metals: W, Ta, Mo; Advanced Steels: DP
  • Thermomechanical Characterization and Processing (Al, Mg, DP Steels)
  • Irradiation Effects on Metals (W, Stainless Steels, HEA)
  • Materials Characterization and Testing, Failure Analysis
  • Powder Metallurgy (Refractory Metals: W, Ta)

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D., Materials Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA, 2012
  • M.S., Materials Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA, 2008
  • Minor in Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey, 2006
  • B.S., Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, METU, Ankara, Turkey, 2005

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
  • European Scientific Association for Material Forming (ESAFORM)
  • European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS)

Awards and Recognitions

  • Career Integration Fellowship, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) (2014-2016)
  • PREPP Postdoctoral Fellowship, Purdue University (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)
  • Clean Energy Challenge, Indiana State Winner, Midwest Finalist, Clean Energy Trust (February 2012)
  • Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, Awarded to outstanding thesis with interdisciplinary research, Purdue University (Fall 2010 - Spring 2011)
  • The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) Young Scientist Award: Silver Medal (March 2012)
  • TMS Magnesium Technology, Best Student Paper Award, (October 2012)

PNNL Publications


  • Das H., X. Li, L. Li, B.J. Schuessler, N.R. Overman, J.T. Darsell, and P. Upadhyay, et al. 2023. "An innovative and alternative approach toward gear fabrication." Journal of Manufacturing Processes 102. PNNL-SA-184447. doi:10.1016/j.jmapro.2023.07.050
  • Nasim W., T. Mungole, M. Efe, and A. Rohatgi. 2023. "Simultaneous Improvement in Strength and Ductility in 7xxx Al Through a Combination of Natural Aging and Deformation." Materials Science and Engineering A. Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing 884. PNNL-SA-184861. doi:10.1016/j.msea.2023.145566


  • Gwalani B., Q. Pang, A. Yu, W. Fu, L. Li, M. Pole, and C.J. Roach, et al. 2022. "Extended Shear Deformation of the Immiscible Cu-Nb Alloy Resulting in Nanostructuring and Oxygen Ingress with Enhancement in Mechanical Properties." ACS Omega 7, no. 16:13721-13736. PNNL-SA-169151. doi:10.1021/acsomega.1c07368
  • Ma X., B. Gwalani, J. Tao, M. Efe, M.J. Olszta, M. Song, and S.B. Yadav, et al. 2022. "Shear strain gradient in Cu/Nb nanolaminates: strain accommodation and chemical mixing." Acta Materialia 234. PNNL-SA-168943. doi:10.1016/j.actamat.2022.117986
  • Nasim W., H. Das, S.S. Kulkarni, A. Rohatgi, D.R. Herling, G.J. Grant, and P. Upadhyay, et al. 2022. "Local Thermomechanical Processing for Improving Formability of High Strength Aluminum Sheets." In SAE Annual World Congress Experience, (WCX 2022), April 5-7, 2022, Virtual, Online. SAE Technical Papers, Paper No. 2022-01-0244. Warrendale, Pennsylvania:SAE International. PNNL-SA-168320. doi:10.4271/2022-01-0244


  • Efe M., B. Gwalani, J. Tao, M. Song, T.C. Kaspar, A. Devaraj, and A. Rohatgi. 2021. "Nanomechanical Scratching Induced Local Shear Deformation and Microstructural Evolution in Single Crystalline Copper." Applied Surface Science 562. PNNL-SA-158843. doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2021.150132
  • Efe M., T. Mungole, D. Weiss, and A. Rohatgi. 2021. Overcoming the Barriers to Lightweighting by Enabling Low-Cost and High-Performance Structural Automotive Aluminum Castings (CRADA 404). PNNL-35668. Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Overcoming the Barriers to Lightweighting by Enabling Low-Cost and High-Performance Structural Automotive Aluminum Castings (CRADA 404)
  • Kaspar T.C., Q. Pang, P.V. Sushko, M.E. Bowden, J. Tao, B. Gwalani, and M.J. Olszta, et al. 2021. "Metastable orientation relationships in thin film Cu-Cr bilayers." Scripta Materialia 194. PNNL-SA-156813. doi:10.1016/j.scriptamat.2020.113635

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