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With demand for electricity expected to grow nearly 30 percent by 2040, our nation's electric infrastructure needs substantial upgrades. Technological advancements that use information technology for greater sensing, communications, and control throughout the power system promise to make the current power infrastructure more effective and offer opportunities to improve overall performance through new, smart transmission, distribution, and generation assets.

PNNL is delivering the science, technology, and leadership to transform our nation's aging power grid into one that is clean, efficient, reliable, and resilient. Focused on the vital needs of the energy infrastructure, we are taking a system-wide approach to grid modernization to help realize the "smart grid" of tomorrow—where energy technology meets information technology through a network architecture as big as the Internet but faster, with unprecedented updates at all levels: generation, transmission, distribution, and end use.

Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium

The challenge to transform the U.S. power grid to meet the demands of the 21st century is daunting and urgent. To meet this challenge, the U.S. Department of Energy harnessed the scientific and technical power of its national laboratory system with the formation of the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium.

This strategic partnership between DOE and 12 of its national laboratories involves coordinating unique capabilities across collaborating institutions. Together, grid experts are developing the framework for U.S. industry and regulators to achieve a national power grid that seamlessly delivers clean and reliable electricity to people wherever they are, whenever they need it.

  • John Holladay

    Vince Sprenkle, PNNL Inventor of the year for Fiscal Year 2014

    Congrats to Vince Sprenkle for being selected as the PNNL Inventor of the year for Fiscal Year 2014. Sprenkle is recognized for innovation that has resulted in the creation of intellectual property or the potential to create intellectual property.

  • Jakob Stoustrup received a Danish Chivalric order

    Jakob Stoustrup received a Danish Chivalric order

    Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark awarded Jakob Stoustrup with the Order of the Dannebrog, a Danish chivalric order.

  • PNNL Grid Expert Testifies in Senate Committee Hearing

    PNNL Grid Expert Testifies in Senate Committee Hearing

    Jeff Taft testified before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee for a hearing on "The State of Technological Innovation Related to the Electric Grid". Taft was one of five witnesses invited to appear before the Committee. The hearing took place on March 17th in Washington D.C.'s Dirksen Senate Office Building.

  • New Flow Battery - Packed with Power Potential

    New Flow Battery - Packed with Power Potential

    A newly designed flow battery has more energy than any other on the market – perhaps enough to power vehicles. The battery, a zinc-polyiodide redox flow battery, was developed by staff in the Electrochemical Materials and Systems group at PNNL with funding from the DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability.

  • Remote Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Capability Demonstrated

    Remote Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Capability Demonstrated

    A new journal article by researchers at PNNL and NREL is available online through IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. Their research demonstrated a novel co-simulation architecture that uses the power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) technique to evaluate the impacts of emerging technologies on distribution systems, which is important for both manufacturing and utility industries.

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