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Pioneering the way to a sustainable energy future

With demand for electricity expected to grow a third by 2050, our nation's electric infrastructure needs substantial upgrades. Technological advancements that use information technology for greater sensing, communications, and control throughout the power system promise to make the current power infrastructure more effective and offer opportunities to improve overall performance through new, smart transmission, distribution, and generation assets.

PNNL is delivering the science, technology, and leadership to transform our nation's aging power grid into one that is clean, efficient, reliable, and resilient. Focused on the vital needs of the energy infrastructure, we are taking a system-wide approach to grid modernization to help realize the "smart grid" of tomorrow—where energy technology meets information technology through a network architecture as big as the Internet but faster, with unprecedented updates at all levels: generation, transmission, distribution, and end use.

We work in the following areas:

System monitoring and analytic innovations [+ expand/ - collapse]

End-use efficiency and demand response [+ expand/ - collapse]

Renewable integration and energy storage [+ expand/ - collapse]

Cyber security and interoperability [+ expand/ - collapse]

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